This class is a unique blend of training methods originally devoloped by Bruce Lee. Unlike "cardio kickboxing" students will be exposed to the scientific teaching method developed by Sifu Roy Harris.

By utilizing these methods of training, students will garner "Real Skills" in the following areas:

  • JKD/Jun Fan Theory and Concepts
  • Effiency and Economy of Motion
  • Development of physical and mental attributes
  • Footwork and Body articulation
  • Structure and mechanics of punching
  • Structure and mechanics of kicking
  • Understanding of loads
  • Understanding of feints
  • Defensive Leg movements
  • Defensive arm movements
  • Simplicity and directness
  • Introduction to Jun Fan boxing
  • Introduction western boxing
  • Introduction to Boxe Francaise Savate
  • Focus pad training
  • Kicking shield training

Join us for a challenging path through Jeet Kune Do/ Jun Fan Kickboxing

Al Lowrimore
San Diego, CA